Born in Zaragoza in 1976, Pol Gorezje grew up writing stories, drawing in pencil, watching a lot of movies and dreaming of becoming a writer.

His first film-related memory is at the age of 6, sitting on a stool to rest his feet, he watches the almost 4 hours of Gone with the Wind without being disturbed. At the age of 8, he watches films that are inappropriate for his age, such as The shining (Stanley Kubrick), Days of heaven (Terrence Malick) or They shoot horses, don’t they? (Sydney Pollack), which will mark his way of understanding art and all his later artistic development.

He begins writing short stories and fantasy stories around the age of 10, and will continue that impulse throughout his adolescence. Simultaneously to his passion for cinema and writing, he draws non-stop. He obtains extraordinary qualifications in artistic drawing throughout his formative period.

When the time came to go to university, his desires drove him to study journalism (to become a writer) or fine arts (to become an artist) but the impossibility of studying outside Zaragoza led him to opt for a “useful” degree and he ended up graduating in Law from the University of Zaragoza.

In 2002 his work in banking forced him to move first to Olot (Girona) and then to Lleida. In the latter city he enrolled in a creative writing workshop to continue his literary passion. He takes part in a couple of issues of the literary magazine Lunas vivas (2003), not only with short stories but also with illustrations.

In 2004 he moved to the city of Barcelona, out of love, where he now lives. A year later, she finishes her novel “Estatuas de marmol muertas” (Dead Marble Statues), which spends a first reading at Carmen Balcells’ literary agency but remains unpublished and unreleased. He publishes a pocket edition and sells all the copies.

Around 2007, he is fascinated by the work of a painter friend and decides to start painting. Self-taught, he experiments with oil and acrylic on canvas and, in 2009, exhibits for the first time in a restaurant in Barcelona a collection of black and white paintings inspired by cinema. In the following years, influenced by collage, he discovers the possibilities of intervening photographs from fashion magazines with acrylic paint and begins to create a series of battered characters from a universe of his own, by way of transgression and criticism of the canons of beauty.

In 2012, shortly after visiting the JustMad art fair in Madrid, he meets the Galería Liebre and gets an interview to show his work. This is how he enters the professional circuit for the first time, exhibiting in a collective show at Galería Liebre in Madrid. From then on, he exhibits his work in art fairs (MulaFest, Franqueados, Room Art Fair, Art&Breakfast, Cohete Toledo) and galleries (Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, Galería Senda, El Catascopio, Espronceda, Mutuo), mainly in Barcelona and Madrid, exhibiting for the first time outside Spain in 2014 (Kunst Schimmer, Ulm -Germany-).

In 2014 he studies film directing in a small school in Barcelona and makes low-budget short films. It was at school that he discovered another of his passions: film editing.

In 2015 he opens his artistic studio elpezrojo in the Poblenou district of Barcelona, a space where he creates all his work and which allows him to participate in artistic events such as the Open Day and Open Night of the Poblenou Urban District, Tallers Oberts de Barcelona or the TOP of Poblenou.

His later pictorial work evolves towards sexual exploration, nudity and the vindication of gender. It will be in 2018 and 2019 when he starts to exhibit in public spaces and in the museum environment (Les Bernardes de Salt, La Capella de Barcelona, Museu de l’Empordà).

In the new reality to which the coronavirus pandemic has led us, Pol Gorezje continues to paint, without abandoning his interest in literature and film publishing. 


My work focuses on acrylic painting over photography. I use a process similar to collage or Photoshop but worked with paint. I start from pre-existing images (own photographs, sheets from fashion magazines, film stills) I keep small parts of the original image (the eyes, lips, part of the clothes) and I intervene the rest with paint transforming the original image into a completely new one.

Cinema has influenced the way I understand art. Perhaps that is why all my work revolves around the human figure, the characters I create are nothing more than performers in my own cinematography, they dialogue with each other and reveal clear connections from one piece to another. Perhaps by portraying people and understanding them as individualities with a life of their own is the reason that I only work with original works, unique pieces, never reproductions. Perhaps that same reason is what led me to integrate my signature (a small symbol) into the skin of the characters, like a perennial tattoo that identifies and resembles them.

I began to paint on impulse without trying to launch slogans or messages, however, observing the work created over the years, I understood that what gives it coherence is that it shows characters who have found a way to emerge and show themselves, to impose their will on mine, as if they were directing my brush. Ambiguous, androgynous and solitary people, but at the same time strong, determining, who face adversities with courage and who show themselves as they are, enjoying their nakedness, which is nothing more than their reality.

My work is not only the result of my own personal duality (artist vs. jurist / rational vs. emotional / plastic vs. vindictive) but it is a reflection of the duality that exists in all things, of what bothers and attracts us, of the grotesque that is also beautiful. It focuses on the exploration of the hidden but also on deception and playing with confusion. The small limit that exists between what is real and what is not.

The initial criticism of fashion and the claim to other forms of beauty has been reconstructed and strengthened in these years towards a claim to the self, to sexual diversity, to gender identity, to the exploration of sex, nudity and transgression, a way of being sincere as an artist and of bringing out my hidden side.



-Collective exhibition Fresh-Rice, in Mutuo, Barcelona, forecast September 20

-Published in Rice Magazine No. 1, July 20 forecast

-Collaboration in the Metal Challenge Remake a Metal Cover for Metal Magazine, Barcelona, April 20


-Exhibition colloquium at Foto Club Poblenou, Barcelona, November 19 

-Participation in the exhibition Eudald de Juana i la transgressió de la forma, at the Museu de l’Empordà, Figueres (Girona), October 19

-Individual exhibition Pulso, in TOP19, with elpezrojo estudio, Barcelona, September 19

-Exhibition at the art fair Cohete Toledo #3, with LaCasaFranca, Toledo, May 19

-Exhibition at Art Lover Ground #13, at Espronceda Center for art & culture, Barcelona, May 19

-Individual exhibition at Tallers Oberts 2019, with the studio fish, Barcelona, May 19

-Collective exhibition Les escenes: 25 anys després. Scene 3: Poli, in La Capella, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Barcelona, March 19

-Collective exhibition The internet of animals, in Mutuo, Barcelona, February 19


-Collective exhibition Ceci n’est pas un pays, at L’Emplacement Boutiques Ephémères, Toulouse (France), November 18

-Collective Exhibition Celebrating our Spanish Heritage, at L/Mercado studios, Hollywood (Florida-USA), October 18

-Collective exhibition The body and the self, at BackDoorArtGallery, Dublin (Ireland), September 18

-Exhibition at the art fair Cohete Toledo #2, with LaCasaFranca, Toledo, June 18

-Individual exhibition Els nos3 mons3, at Niu espai artístic, Barcelona, June 18

-Libra collective exhibition, at Librería El Público, with Paloma negra, Elx (Alicante), May 18

-Individual exhibition at Tallers Oberts 2018, with the studio fish, Barcelona, May 18

-Collective exhibition Musa, at Bacanal Café, with Paloma negra, Barcelona, April 18

-Individual exhibition Neosexual construction, at Espronceda Center for art & culture, Barcelona, April 18

-Exhibition at the Franqueados 0.18 art fair, with LaCasaFranca, Madrid, February 18

-Individual Non-Visible Exhibition, at Casa de Cultura Les Bernardes, Salt, Girona, February 18


– Solo exhibition at Tallers Oberts 2017, with elpezrojo estudio, Barcelona, October 17

-Collective exhibition HotelxHotel, in Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, Madrid, September 17

-Collective exhibition at Charity Gala Barco de Café del Mar, Checkpoint-Floatingpoint, with Mutuo, Barcelona, September 17

-Collective exhibition at Barco de Café del Mar, Checkpoint-Floatingpoint, with Mutuo, Barcelona, August 17

-HotelxHotel exhibition at the Art&Breakfast 3 art fair, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Malaga, June 17

-Individual exhibition Muteners, in thepezrojo estudio, Barcelona, May 2017


-Individual exhibition in Open night of Poblenou Urban District, with elpezrojo estudio, December 16

-Collective exhibition Prêt à port-art, The Catascope, December 16

-Black Friday group exhibition, at Hell Gallery, November 16

-Collective exhibition Selfie or not selfie, Casa de la Cultura de Azuqueca (Guadalajara), November 16

-Individual exhibition Faces, in Noguera, Hair & Art, Barcelona, October 16

-Exhibition at the art fair Young Gallery Weekend, with The Catascope, Barcelona, September 16

-Individual exhibition in Open day of Poblenou Urban District, with elpezrojo estudio, Barcelona, May 16

-Exhibition at the Art & Breakfast 2 art fair, with El Catascopio, Málaga, February 16

-Evancing Twin Syndrome exhibition at the We are fair, with El Catascopio, Madrid, February 16


-Individual exhibition in Open night of Poblenou Urban District, with elpezrojo estudio, Barcelona, November 15

-Collective exhibition Espejo de sombras, at Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, Madrid, October 15

-Collective exhibition Timeless, Classics in Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares Performing Arts Festival, Madrid, June 15

-Participation in Ricardo Cavolo’s Great Workshop at Brother Barcelona, May 2015

-Opening of elpezrojo estudio, in Open day of Poblenou Urban district, Barcelona, March 15

-Exhibition at the Lacolect art fair, Madrid, March 15

-Individual exhibition at Addicted to life, Vins i nus event, Barcelona, March 15

-Exhibition at the Art & Breakfast fair, with El Catascopio, Málaga, Feb 15


-Individual exhibition M.U.C.K. (Men Under Consent of the King), at El Catascopio, Barcelona, November 14

-Collective Exhibition, at El Catascopio, Barcelona September 14

-Participation in the collective exhibition Exvotos by Gino Rubert, at Galeria Senda, Barcelona April 14

-Individual exhibition Fashion is watching you, at Gioricky concept store, Barcelona, April 14

-Collective exhibition On the verge, at Kunst Schimmer #2, Ulm (Germany), March 14


-Collective exhibition DAY USE at the art fair RoomArtFair#3, Madrid, November 13

-Individual exhibition Unthinkable films, at Obuxofest 2013, Javierrelatre (Huesca), August 13

-Summer Night Expo group exhibition, at Caña & Come, Madrid, August 13

-Individual exhibition Emotional dreams without gods, at Le patrón, Bistrot de tapas, Madrid, June 13

-Exhibition at MulaFest, with LaCasaFranca, Madrid, June 13

-Individual exhibition gReysKin, at Restaurant El Refugi de Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, March 13

-Exhibition at Franqueados 0.13 art fair, with LaCasaFranca, Madrid, February 13


-Collective exhibition Japan400, at Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, Madrid, December 12

-Collective exhibition Microarte: El tamaño sí importa, at Galería Liebre, Madrid, November 12


-Individual exhibition polgorezje, at Restaurant Oibar, Barcelona, 2011


-Individual exhibition Mirades crues, at Restaurant Oibar, Barcelona, 2009


-Illustrations in the literary magazine Lunas vivas, Lleida, November 2003